There are two types of people.

There are leaders and there are followers.

Being a leader demands responsibility. You have to make tough decisions. Do what you said you’d do. Be an inspiration to those who follow you. Be seen and heard.

Leading isn’t easy. Which is why so few choose to lead.

However, the other option is to follow. To play it safe. To let someone else decide what’s best for you. To evade responsibility. To never be at fault when things go wrong.

Followers give up on their own dreams and watch leaders live theirs. They watch the game from the bleachers instead of suiting up and getting on the field. They assume life is easier that way. But it’s not.

It’s hell.

I once heard someone say that hell is getting to the end of your life and meeting the person you could have become.

It’s when you the follower meets you the leader. It’s when the leader you could have been shares the most compelling stories of trials, errors, and triumphs of who you could have been. Tales of unsettling risks and their climactic rewards, of the times you fell down and got up, of the people who despised you and the ones you touched.

Will you be the leader who tells the stories, or the follower who hears them? The one who merely dreams, or the one who lives them?

That, my friend, is for you to choose.

On today’s QOD episode, Steve Harvey leads off the week discussing the responsibility and impact of being a leader versus the uncertainty and insecurity of being a follower.

Source: Be a Leader | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

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