Have you ever learned something, knew it was powerful, and never actually used it?

I think we all have. But why?

I mean, we know we “should” do it. We’re even absolutely certain as to how much we would benefit from it if we did do it. And then we still don’t do it!

But what if you took your shoulds and made them musts?

To think “I must lose weight” is much different than “I should lose weight.”

To think “I must create a better relationship” is far more powerful than “I must should create a better relationship.”

When we stop “should-ing” on ourselves, our lives change.

In today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Tony Robbins reveals his 3 steps for changing your life by making your shoulds your musts.

1 – Raise your standards.

2 – Change your limiting beliefs.

3 – Have the right strategy.

Today’s clip is from Tony’s Unleash the Power Within audio program available for instant mp3 download from our pals at Nightingale Conant. So good!

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