It really is sick.

When you really think about it, it’s a crying shame.

I mean, why won’t we just let each other shine?

Why is it that we so reflexively doubt and mock each other’s highest ambitions?

And why are we so timid about sharing our goals and dreams with the ones we love?

We should celebrate each other’s aspirations. Support them. Lift each other up.

But we don’t.

It’s weird how that works, huh?

In today’s episode of The Quote of the Day Show, our friend Bob Proctor tells the story of what happened when the other firemen at his station found out about his goal.

He also reveals the REAL purpose of money.

“Money Enables You to Extend the Good You Do Far Beyond Your Own Physical Presence.”

Join Bob next February at his LIVE Fourth Dimensional Leadership event. Attend live in Los Angeles, or stream it at your home or office. I’ll be telling you more about it over the next couple months. Maybe I’ll get Bob back on The SC Sessions to talk about it. For now, learn more below.

See you tomorrow with our first Fan Friday QOD episode!

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