Here’s the best way to be unhappy …

Be of the opinion that it is someone else’s responsibility to make you happy.

That way your entire disposition can dangle in a state of hyper-volatility, ultimately decided by the words and actions of another.

You can go ahead and blame someone or something else for your unhappiness. You’re well within your rights to do so.

But to pretend that YOU are not the source of your own happiness — that your misery is because of him, her, them, or it — is to take the easy way out.

You can be the one who limps through life arguing for your unhappiness, or you can take responsibility.

Not for ALL of the negative things that happen to you, because, hey, stuff happens. But never forget that your inner pilot light of happiness is always lit. No one else has the power to turn it up or down or to take its place.

Well, unless you give that power away.

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