Question for ya …

If you found a $50K holiday bonus check in your mailbox this evening, how would you feel, and what would you do with it?

I assume you’d do the Harlem Shake, before taking a selfie with the check and sending it to a few friends with a bunch of fire emojis.

In that moment, you’d be amped. Happy AF.

But then what?

Let’s be honest, most folks would go on a jubilant (yet reckless) spending spree. Department stores. Car dealer. Amazon. Buying all the things they ever wanted. For themselves.

Then what?

Hey, I won’t be a hypocrite here. I’m all about having the things you want. I woke up this morning in a million dollar home and drove to the coffee shop in my fancy G-wagon.

But let me tell you — because I’m speaking from experience here — while buying the things you want will make you feel happier in the moment, it most certainly won’t last. As soon as the consumption-driven “high” wears off, you’ll be looking for more, more, more.

As the old saying goes … money can’t buy happiness.

However, that statement is somewhat of a half-truth. It should say, when you’re spending money only on yourself, trying to fill an inner emptiness with stuff, it won’t make you happy.

Again, speaking from experience, the things that have left an indelible happiness imprinted on my soul are the dollars I’ve spent on others.

The wagon will eventually break down. At some point the housing market will probably crash. But the happy feelings I get from using my money to help others will never diminish. Like ever. And according to the research, I’m not the only one.

Today on the podcast, Harvard Business School professor, Michael Norton, drops 10 minutes of research bombs proving that money can buy happiness … when you spend it right. Tap a link below to tune in!

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Happy Friday!

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