Life isn’t easy.

In my opinion, if life were easy it would lose its flavor.

The bland life is one-sided — all ups, no downs, or the other way around.

There’s something beautiful about looking back and knowing that you had the tenacity to make it through the epic challenges and curveballs that life hurled your way. That you made it to the other side and became a stronger human being because of it.

What’s even more empowering, in my opinion, is being in the thick of it and having absolute certainty that it won’t last forever. That at some point the day will come when you feel a sense of pride for getting through it.

That day will come.

Whenever my life hits a rough patch, there’s one person I always turn to …

Rocky Balboa.

Yup, the Italian Stallion himself.

There’s a particular scene from the sixth Rocky film that always gets my head straight. It’s kinda like my secret weapon. I find it on YouTube and watch it over and over again. Then I turn it off and choose to “take the hits and keep moving forward.”

So to kick off “Movie Week” on The Quote of The Day Show, I thought I’d share my secret weapon with you on today’s episode. I bet you can’t listen just once!

Keep punching, my friend.

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