It seemed like such a good idea.

You decided to do it. To make it happen.

But then the work got hard. Inconvenient. Unfamiliar. Frustrating.

So you quit.

Because that’s what you do.

You start the thing. But you don’t finish the thing.

You fall in love with the outcome but can’t bear the process.

Or you get sidetracked by the next shiny idea that comes along. Well … until you quit that one too.

I know how this thing works. Because I’m an expert on quitting.

I used to quit everything — teams, jobs, relationships, you name it. 

Then it all stopped. And all it took was an unexpected comment from Uncle Robert about my father. Game changer.

Find out what he said on today’s episode of The Quote of the Day Show with guest speaker Inky Johnson. This one has my Instagram “mentions” lit up this morning.

By the way, our podcast was ranked #13 on The Best 45 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs list by Entrepreneur Online. Woot. Thanks so much for listening and sharing!

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