We wish there were more hours in the day.

But that ain’t happenin’.

Even if the universe granted us a 25th hour, it wouldn’t be long before we petitioned for a 26th.

It’s Parkinson’s Law. Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

Give us more hours and we’ll find more ways to fill them. Another to-do for the list. One more project to manage. More shows to binge-watch.

Apparently, we humans aren’t the best at managing our time and getting things done.

I mean … if I can be perfectly honest … I find it odd that social media likes and comments are typically down on the weekends. But we somehow find the time to double-tap, swipe, and scroll all throughout our workdays. Is it just me?

Meanwhile, we incriminate the clock for our lack of productivity. This planet just spins too damn fast. Sun up. Sun down. Time for bed.

I know, this is all easy to say for a guy with no kids. Then again, my friend Katie the Wellness Mama has 7 kids — young kids — and finds a way to get stuff done.

I even think I read somewhere that Tolstoy had 13 kids when he wrote War and Peace. That book is a beast, and evidently so was its author when it came to productivity and performance.

As a part-time business coach, here’s what I often find. Most of us are running in 9 different directions at the same time and wondering why we never get anywhere. It’s like reading nine books at the same time. You’ll be lucky to finish ONE.

And when we seldom feel that accomplished feeling of seeing a project through, or when we spend an inordinate amount of our energy on things that don’t really matter, we lose the motivation to DO THE THING. So we check our phones. We double-tap and scroll. We blame clocks.

They say that the first step in creating change is taking responsibility for the way things are. No, not to blame ourselves, but, for example, to stop placing blame on the 112 waking hours we have each week to produce what we want.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Brendon Burchard, author of High Performance Habits, closes out the week with his 3 Steps to Becoming a High Performer

1. Clear The Decks

2. Develop Influence

3. Demonstrate More Courage than Most People

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Happy Friday!

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