Seek counsel, not opinions.

I can’t recall where I learned the above principle, but it resonated so deeply that it became one of the personal philosophies that guides my life.

In other words, only seek and accept advice from those who have already gotten the result that you desire.

I mean, how many times have you been lectured and given pointers about your relationship by someone who can’t keep a relationship?

In my opinion, in almost all cases, advice given by someone who has never done the thing they’re sermonizing about ought not be followed.

In one ear and out the other.

Thanks for the tips, but yeah, I’ll pass.

Not following.

The next time someone tries to give you advice on your finances, stop them and ask them what their net worth is.

Yeah, it’s a little awkward. But it has a way of stopping a broke person from showing you how to become a millionaire. Fast.

And here’s another kind of opinion that I think we should all unfollow…

When someone who has never done the thing, nor even tried to do the thing, tells YOU that you can’t do the thing.


Who are they to tell you what you can’t do, especially when they haven’t done it?

Next time this happens, ask this individual why exactly they think you can’t do it. You’ll quickly find out what they really think of you. Then you can decide if this person should remain in your circle, or if they (and their no-experience opinions) need to be unfollowed.

Today on the podcast, Les Brown takes the stage to discuss this very topic and more.

Source: Step Into Your Greatness: Live Seminar by Les Brown

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