OMG, this book was so good!

Every so often I stumble upon a book that fires me up and makes me want to tell everyone about it. Then when I get a chance to interview the author of that book, I want to talk about every single minute detail of the story. But of course we don’t have time for that. Bummer.

Lissa Rankin’s story is a hero’s story, one that takes her from the Ordinary World to the Special World, with many trials and ordeals in between. There was no one there to hold her hand along her path, just the encouraging voice in her head. The one she calls her Inner Pilot Light.

I think we all have an Inner Pilot Light pushing us to take that next step in our lives — that bold step into the depths of uncertainty. To move forward on our missions because we know it’s the right thing to do, not only for ourselves but for the betterment of others.

More often than not, that inspired voice within is drowned out by the foreboding voice of fear imploring us to remain where we are, where it’s safe. It pleads that we remain attached to our present circumstances regardless of how painful they may be. Because stepping out into uncertainty will only bring about more pain.

According to Lissa, we typically accept the call of our inner voices when the pain of staying put exceeds our fear of the unknown.

As an OB-GYN who received the call to obstetrics at a very young age, Lissa came to find herself traumatized and hardened by a system that disconnected her not only from her calling but her femininity.

At the height of her pain and the bottom of her rock bottom, Lissa heard her Inner Pilot Light and eventually accepted a new calling, a call to change medicine. What happens next is a remarkable story of resilience, faith, and transformation.

In today’s session, Lissa and I discuss her excellent book The Anatomy of a Calling.

PLUS, I added a new segment in which I cover my 4-5 takeaways from the session. This was fun!

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