Today’s QOD Motivation Mix is one that, in my opinion, everyone needs to hear.

It’s about friends.

Something I learned recently is that our relationships are based on unwritten agreements. In other words, we make an agreement as to how we will show up, what we will tolerate, and who we will be within the relationship.

So when we decide to become more than who we’ve been in the past or to reject what we’ve been tolerating, the agreement is severed. And things can get weird.

If you ask any successful person about his or her friendships, you’ll find out that many old pals had to be left behind along the journey. Agreements had to be broken. And if the agreements couldn’t be rewritten, they had to move on.

As I wrote in my OPM ebook, when you elevate your frequency to match your goal but your friends remain where they’ve been, your frequencies no longer resonate.

You understand what’s like to be where they are, but they have no idea what it’s like at your new level of consciousness. They haven’t been there before.

Many times, they do all they can to pull you back into the agreement. And the truth is, they usually succeed. Because life can get pretty scary when you step into the unknown and your own friends don’t have your back.

No, I’m not suggesting that you dump all of your friends. Not even. My point is that sometimes making the choice to move on from a relationship can be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

It can hurt like hell. But as my friend Jake Ducey says in today’s mix, when you choose to move on from an unsupportive relationship, a new relationship will appear. One in which you can be yourself.

Today’s mix features some of our most popular speakers — Jake, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, and the new guy, Mike Humes — who share how they had to give up many friendships in order to become the influential people they always knew they could be. Tap the PLAY button above to listen in!

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