Unapologetic just showed up.

A couple days ago, on our 200th episode of the QOD Show (woot!) Lisa Nichols encouraged you to put the world on notice. To let the world know that you’ve played the polite game for long enough.

And if the world can’t handle the bright lights of your non-negotiable, unapologetic self, then they should “put on some shades.” Because you’re not dimming your light for anybody.

I love that.

But what exactly does unapologetic look like?

To me, it’s having the confidence to know that you’ll be fine if they don’t like you.

It’s refusing to shrink just to make everyone else feel comfortable about playing small.

Unapologetic is Mel Robbins.

She shines her light to expose her flaws, perfectly willing to reveal her rock bottom to inspire others to make a new choice.

Nothing is ever off the table with Mel — the panic attacks, the shame, and what her friends and former clients called “very aggressive, narcissistic, egotistical” behavior. All fair game.

And as you’ll learn very quickly, she doesn’t seem to care if you can’t handle a mouthful of F-bombs. If you don’t like it, you can choose to turn her off. She’s not everybody’s flavor. She doesn’t apologize for that.

You’ve probably heard about her 5 Second Rule — the TEDx talk that launched it and the global movement that followed. But on today’s QOD Interview of the Month episode, I didn’t want to talk about it much.

I wanted to know who Mel Robbins is. What drives her. What’s her story. Just how far down her rock bottom really was. How she picked herself (and her family) back up.

So that’s what we did. F-bombs and all.

Click the PLAY button to listen to my interview with Mel. Buckle up.

Enjoy the interview. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!