There are two kinds of people that get under my skin …

People who never stop talking. Like the guy at the gym who wrecks your entire workout so he can talk about literally nothing. All gyms have one. When you try to wrap it up, he follows you to the next station and just … keeps … (bleep)ing … talking.


The other is the person who writes me a ginormous 10-paragraph email with multiple question marks and starts it all off with “Hey Sean, I know you’re busy but …”


Funny thing is, the more I let these folks get to me, the more I tend to attract them into my life. Lots and lots of talkers and typers.

Ever noticed how that whole thing works? How the universe tends to send you the same “I can’t stand these” people over and over again.

Is it some kind of cosmic joke?

Or is it a way to make us aware of the limits on our capacity to love, so we can transcend those limits?


Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Marianne Williamson returns to share a spiritual perspective on why we attract people who test us and what we can learn about ourselves from these interactions. This one is JUICY.

Marianne’s Website:
Source: Inspiring Teachings on a Course in Miracles.

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