No one is ever ready.

No one ever woke up one morning and finally felt 100% ready to do the thing they’ve been wanting to do.

No one ever gets to the point where they feel no fear and have no concerns about being criticized or perhaps failing.

This whole idea of being ready, of being fearless, is a fiction.

If you’ve been spending the last few years getting ready to make your move — reading books that lead to other books, taking courses that lead to other courses — I’ve got some really bad news for you:

That feeling you’ve been looking for, the one that’s supposed to tell you when you’re ready … well, it ain’t coming.

Like ever.

No one is ever ready before they begin.

You won’t be the first.

Pretty soon you’ll be that person with a headful of knowledge that can help a lot of people … but never actually helps anyone. Because you were waiting for the magical feeling of being ready.

More than you need more knowledge, you need a kind of courage that often eludes people.

As Ambrose Redmoon once wrote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

If you’ve been stuck in the cycle of getting ready, of trying to know more before you get started, I encourage you to listen to today’s “Best of 2020” episode of the podcast with Ed Mylett.

Put it on repeat. Stop the cycle. Make your move.

Fire. Aim. Never ready.

Source: Find and Flip Summit 2019 – Amazing Ed Mylett Keynote Speech

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