Here’s my philosophy on life …

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

There’s nothing complicated about it. Just an acknowledgement of the choice I have to progress, regress, or stand still. 

Life is a marathon. Every mile happens by the yard. Each yard, by the foot. Each foot, by the inch.

I take the inches.

Every day is an opportunity to nab another inch. To read the next chapter. To write the next page. To gain a dozen new listeners.

Twelve new listeners a day is 4380 a year.

Twenty pages read every day is 7300 pages a year, or twenty-four 300-page books.

This afternoon’s yoga class will get me 0.5 millimeters closer to getting my hands flat on the floor.

A 20-minute walk every day is 121 hours of walking a year, or 5 entire days of movement.

It’s human nature to want the feet, the yards, the miles. But if you’re not willing to find satisfaction in the inches, you’ll never get anywhere.

You can choose to move 1 inch closer to your destination today, or you can remain exactly where you are. The way I look at it, the time will pass anyway.

Love the inches. They’ll take you anywhere you want to go.

Little by little …

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Brian Tracy reminds us that success in any area of life is all about CONSISTENCY, or the accumulation of small, steady steps towards your goals.

Source: Brian Tracy 10 Keys to Personal Power

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