It feels like it wasn’t that long ago when The Quote of The Day Show was just another random idea swirling around in my noggin.

The concept occurred to me in the middle of a workout …

Well … actually I had the idea a couple years before, while on one of my 8-hour drives back to San Diego from the Bay Area.

To add some kicks and giggle to an otherwise dreadful drive, I’d been listening to one of the comedy channels on satellite radio.

Basically the channel played short 5-10 minute clips of live comedy shows. A handful of hits. Lots of misses. But something to do, I guess.

I thought about how cool it would be if there were a channel that played around-the-clock motivational talks. I mean, I’d listen to it all day.

Hmmm, maybe I should be the one to start it.

But satellite radio wasn’t a space I was familiar with. Not quite in my lane, ya know. So I put the idea on the shelf and moved on with my life.

I don’t know why, but not until 2 years later, while listening to a Bob Proctor audio program and working on my triceps, did it ever occur to me that the show could be a daily podcast.

Duh, Sean.

About 10 days later, on October 16, 2016, the first episode of The Quote of The Day Show was uploaded to iTunes.

Fittingly, the very first speaker was Bob Proctor. The episode did around 1000 downloads overnight. And though the original theme music was sappy AF, the overall feedback was great.

Maybe I was on to something here.

Since then, the show has steadily grown each week, from 30K listens per month when it all began to our current 400K monthly listens.

And today I’m super excited to announce that today The Quote of The Day Show has reached 5 MILLION listens.

High fives!

I wanted to reach out today and say THANK YOU soooooo much for listening to the show, sharing it with your friends and family, and making it a success. Katey, Malik, Ian, Blake, and I really appreciate your support.

It’s kinda surreal to think that the episode play button has been clicked 5,000,000 times. Nuts.

This week, I thought we’d celebrate this milestone by featuring some of the very best talks we’ve had over this past year and a half or so.

And of course, we have to kick it all off with the man who started it all — Mr. Bob Proctor.


Source: Paradigm Shift Live event

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