Winter is coming.

If you were to ask which month is my least favorite here in San Diego, I’d say September, without hesitation.

As much as I love summertime in SD, the month of September is when I’m ready for things to cool off. 

Less air conditioning, more hoodies. 

Less beach, more Football Sundays.

Despite what can seem like The Endless Summer, there’s one thing I know for sure …

Fall is coming. Followed by the (kinda) cold, rainy winter months.

I can count on it every year. Such is the seasons, such is life.

Likewise, when the sun is shining down on your life, you can count on a thunderstorm showing up at some point. And vice versa.

In my opinion, there’s no more perfect way to set yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment than to assume that the sun will always shine, that there will be no overcast or rainy days on life’s forecast.

Seasons gonna season.

Though the sun may be shining outside your window right now, we’re in one of life’s harshest winters — the virus, the social unrest, the deep political divisions.

And like all winters, there’s one thing we all know for sure. That what we’re going through, what you’re going through, will come to an end. That spring will dawn. And that one day we’ll look back and talk about that time when the world turned upside down. For a year. For a season.

That’s how life works. You’ll get through it. You always get through it.

This, too, shall pass.

On today’s QOD episode, Jim Rohn is back to encourage you to be mindful of the changing seasons of life and to conquer life’s winters.

Source: Jim Rohn: Life and Lessons is Like the Seasons

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