That’s the word that best describes the non-stop negative chatter that was going on in my head.

Full blast. Volume ten. All day long.

Nothing ever goes right for me.

I’ll never get ahead.

Everyone hates me.

I never know what to say.

What’s the point?

I’m so awkward.

It won’t work.

I can’t.

On and on.

But, one day I stumbled upon a book that helped me completely dismantle my self-talk. It showed me how to question what that evil inner voice was telling me.

What I eventually discovered was that 95% of my self-talk was … well, utter bullsh*t. I bet yours is, too.

All it took was a few simple questions and a little bit of awareness.

Find out which book it was and which questions I asked on today’s Throwback Thursday episode with Christine Hassler.

Source: Christine Hassler – Habitude Warrior Conference 1.2

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