It’s a trap.

And there are only two ways out of it.

The first is to read all the books, take all the classes, and hire all the coaches until you know it all.

But, that’s not happening.

Or you can admit to yourself that knowledge is infinite, that you’ll never know everything there is to know. Even if you spent every waking hour accumulating more knowledge, you’ll always feel like you need to know more. Because there’s always more to know.

This is where I see so many people get stuck. They feel like they need to know a little more before they take action on their dreams.

So they read the next book. Which leads them to the next book … and the next book …

Or they need one more certification.

One more course.

Meanwhile, what they knew two years ago was more than enough to help the people they want to help. The need to know more — to read the next book, to take the next course before taking any action — was just an excuse to stay inside of their comfort zones.

It’s a trap. And if any of the above sounds like you, you’ll remain caged inside of your comfort zone until you finally admit to what you’ve been doing to avoid the discomfort and make a decision to start taking action on your dream.

The truth is, you know more than enough. You were ready a long time ago. You’re just afraid to fail; afraid of succeeding; afraid of being seen, heard, and criticized; afraid of the unknown.

Those fears aren’t going away. Everyone struggles with them. The difference is, some take action despite their fears, while most hide under a warm blanket of books and courses. The former make an impact; the latter just know a lot of stuff that never makes a difference in anyone else’s life.

I discuss this more in the intro to today’s Motivation Monday episode with Ed Mylett. Tap the PLAY button above to listen in.

Source: Find and Flip Summit 2019 – Amazing Ed Mylett Keynote Speech