Can we make a pact?

Can we come to an agreement that on this final day of 2019 that we’ll make a firm decision on what we’ll accomplish in the coming year?

I mean a real decision. With no room for wavering. No possibility of changing our minds. Something that we can commit to sticking to for a full 365 days.

And once we make this decision, can we agree to take action on it every single day?

To turn off our social media notifications so we can work without distraction, because divided attention never builds greatness.

To say no to invitations that don’t add energy to our lives, so we’ll have more time to do what really makes us vibrate.

To commit at least 30 minutes a day to our personal development, because what’s on the outside is a reflection of what’s within.

To no longer allow acceptable to get in the way of exceptional.

To do what we said we’d do.

Are you in?

Or will we be having this same conversation next year?

If you’re with me, you won’t want to miss today’s episode where you’ll hear how Roger Crawford became a tennis legend … with a wooden leg, missing toes, and only three fingers.

If he can do it, you can do anything.

You just have to decide.


Happy New Year,


Source: Play to Win On Court and Off – Roger Crawford Keynote at 2016 Tennis Congress

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