Mind if I save you a few bucks?

Last week I took advantage of a Black Friday deal on a marketing course.

I sat down to watch it yesterday. In the first module, the course creator spent several minutes talking about how this very course has produced 15 millionaires and 232 six-figure earners.

That’s awesome!

Then he said over 10,500 people have taken the course.

Still awesome. Good for him.

So I pulled up my trusty calculator and worked the math …

Assuming that the average person enrolling in this $2000 course wants to earn at least a 6-figure income, the success rate so far has been 2.4%.

Two. Point. Four. Percent.

With a number like that, you might be wondering why I haven’t asked for my money back.

To be real with you, these results are typical. I actually admired the honesty.

In fact, so far this particular course has exceeded my expectations in terms of content. And I’m only in the first of six modules. Money well spent.

So why 2.4%?

Why is it that the overwhelming majority of people enroll in expensive courses and either never finish them or never get the result they wanted?

I could write a short book about this one, but I’ll try to nutshell it for you as best I can.

The creative formula is this: Be. Do. Have.

You want to HAVE a particular result. So you look for someone to show you what to DO to have it. And chances are, you’ll spend a pretty penny to learn all of the strategies and techniques to make your dream come true.

But here’s what we forget: The BEing part.

Have you ever noticed that the people who sell the business/marketing/success courses are almost always very confident people?

When you listen to their stories, have you noticed that a lot of them grew up with a self-employed parent?

Or that they learned some kind of personal success philosophy early in life from mom, dad, or a grandparent?

Be. Do. Have.

If BEing is who a person is — the way he or she thinks and feels about himself and the world — then is it any wonder how a person who was raised to be confident, independent, and risk-taking can DO all the things it took to HAVE their results?

And can we be surprised to learn that often 97.6% of the people who try to have similar success merely by learning how to DO it, never get anywhere near the result they wanted?

It’s because we’re focused only on the DOing part while ignoring the BEing at the foundation of everything.

You can learn all the strategies. But if you don’t BElieve in yourself, you won’t use them.

You can learn how someone else built their business. But if you have a hate-hate relationship with sales, marketing, and money, you’re toast.

If you’re enrolling in 4-figure courses or the 5-figure mastermind group on how to DO the business, but you haven’t addressed the underlying core BEliefs that have been stopping you from taking action, you will not be in the 2.4% that get results.

The good news is, the entrepreneurial personality (or way of being) can be learned.

This is why I developed my Money Mind Academy course. To help my students master the being before the doing. To develop the kind of entrepreneurial personality that does the things that get the results.

Pardon my long-ass email. But this is super important. 

Yesterday I encouraged you to stop wasting time. 

Today I implore you to stop wasting time and money on courses that you’re never going to finish or apply.

First things first. Identify and replace your limiting beliefs. Improve your confidence and self-esteem. Find friends who support you and believe in you. Take more risks. Accept yourself. Determine your values and align your goals with them. That’s where you start. At the foundation. Skipping steps doesn’t work.

Money Mind Academy is back in January. Be on the lookout for enrollment info in a few weeks.

And be sure to check out today’s QOD with Les Brown, who keeps this topic going. Tap the PLAY button to listen in!

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