Doesn’t it seem like it was almost yesterday?

The new year was here.

You were full of hope and excitement about what you would accomplish in 2019. Your slate was clean. Out with the old, in with the new.

And then you blinked … and all of a sudden found yourself reading this email.

On December 3rd. Eleven months later. 337 days gone by.

And the question is: How did you use your time?

Did you sit your butt down, study the books, take the courses, and crack the top 5% of experts in your field?

Or did you binge watch?

Did you make your products and services better then ever before?

Or did you scroll The Instagram?

Did you create a new income stream and reach your money goal?

Or did you make it your life’s work to spend hours a day returning unimportant, non-urgent emails?

I encourage you to take a moment today to look back on how well or how poorly you used your time in 2019.

Then, commit to being more mindful of the kinds of investments you’re making with your minutes. To stop wasting time watching actors, actresses, and social media people live out their dreams when you could have been working on yours. To stop letting other people’s unnecessary emails steal away the hours you could have used to become better at what you do.

STOP wasting time.

And don’t miss today’s episode of QOD with the late Dr. Myles Munroe. It’ll be the best 7-minute investment you’ll make all day. 🙂

Source: The Power of Planning & Change Part. 1 | Dr. Myles Munroe

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