The cheap seats.

Way up at the top of the arena. The upper bowl. The nosebleeds.

Last week we talked about the fear of success.

After reading my email about it, several people reached out to let me know that they had no idea that there was such a fear. It’s one of those things that almost no one ever talks about.

Well, there’s another interesting concept that few are aware of when it comes to what blocks you from becoming as successful as you want to be.

It’s what the author Dorothea Brande called “the rewards of failure.”

Say what?

How can there be rewards for failing?

Well, your brain is wired for survival. A big part of the survival game is the avoidance of pain. In fact, unless convinced otherwise, your brain would rather avoid pain than experience pleasure.

What pains could you be avoiding?

The pain of public humiliation. The pain of having your work being misunderstood or despised. The pain of encountering the envy of those you surpass. The pain of criticism and mean tweets. The pain of having to defend your personal opinions. The pain of being the topic of the gossip that comes with success. The pain of outdoing someone you love.

So rather than move toward pleasure, many of us choose to find our seats at the very top of the arena. In the nosebleed section. Far away from the action. Looking down upon those who had the courage to step onto the field. 

Envying them because they’re on the field playing the game. Posting mean tweets about them. Being offended by their personal opinions. Gossiping about them. Continually finding errors in their ways. Telling them how they should do it. Because your way is better.


Honestly, this is what chicken sh*ts do.

Don’t be a chicken sh*t.

Here’s the deal. If you’re living your life in the cheap seats, you have zero right to tell the people on the field how they should do it or what they should think.

You can just keep on doing that survival thing, while those of us on the field have the courage to have our asses consistently kicked in an effort to thrive and create.

And if you’ve been afraid to walk onto the field due to the fears listed above, keep in mind that you’re allowing the chicken sh*ts to stop you.

Never let someone who isn’t doing stuff, stop you from doing stuff.

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Source: Brené Brown: Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count

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