What are you leaving on the table?

Which ideas, talents, and abilities are you allowing to evaporate due to fear, procrastination, and disuse?

Realize that your gifts were given to you for a reason.

You received them so that they could be used.

Unfortunately, we tend to perceive our superpowers as something to fear, when they were given to us to be used for the good of all — for the betterment of ourselves and others.

Understand that the ideas you have don’t just land upon you by happenstance, but because you have everything within you to bring them to fruition.

Too often we take our best ideas to our graves, buried alongside our undeveloped and underused talents and abilities.

You can’t let that happen.

So, what big idea have you been leaving on the table?

What can you do today to begin using your talents and abilities so you can bring your ideas to life?

This week on the podcast, our first 3 speakers encourage you to use the resources you’ve been given, to no longer squander your talents, to no longer talk about your ideas. 

Use them. Develop them. Do them.

We kick things off on today’s Motivation Monday episode with our main man, Les Brown. Tap the play button to listen in!

Source: Take Charge of Your Life – Les Brown

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