I was watching the game last night.

Opening night of the NBA season — Lakers vs. Clippers.

My team lost. 🙁

Despite the final score, a minor miracle was transpiring.

A basketball game being played some 125 miles away was being broadcasted in darn near real-time on my living room wall.

And get this. Periodically I would pick up my phone, tap on the screen a few times, and be able to check the game stats.

All of this happened after I taught my Money Mind Academy class, which was attended live online by students who live as far away as New Zealand.

After the game was over, one of the teams boarded an enormous hunk of metal and flew to the next city. Like, in the sky and stuff.

Now, if I’d written this email a hundred years ago you would’ve clicked the unsubscribe button after the first couple paragraphs and maybe had someone come check on me.

Wait, there was no email a hundred years ago.

You can probably pick up what I’m putting down here. Things that we accept as completely normal in 2019 were fantasies (err, maybe delusions) not that long ago.

But the same laws that had LeBron James turning over the ball in the fourth quarter on my living room wall last night, are the same laws that have always existed. They were just missing the right person to come along, think beyond what’s come before, and have the idea that would lead to the discovery and application of such laws.

Someone had to commit to principle over precedent. They had to believe that just because it had never been done before didn’t mean it couldn’t be done.

Keep this in mind the next time you think your dream will never happen. That it’s impossible. Because you don’t know how to do it. Or because no one you know has ever set and accomplished a goal so big.

Yo! LeBron James was playing basketball in my living room!

You can do anything you want.

I’ll let Bob Proctor take it from here. Tap the PLAY button to listen in!

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