Things will get dark, my friend.

Ideas you imagined would be sure things, will totally bomb.

People who always had your back, won’t approve.

There will be other people — people you don’t even know — who’ll take great pleasure in hating on you. They’ll criticize your every move. Parse every word you speak. Write the meanest emails. Post the ugliest comments. They’ll look for ways to be offended.

You’ll find it totally bizarre that, despite having nothing nice to say about you, these folks still follow you and subscribe to your newsletter.

It’s f*cking weird.

Anyway, at some point you’ll be almost out of money. You’ll wonder if using your credit card to fund your dream was in fact the dumbest idea you ever had and the worst decision you ever made.

The negative voice in your head will sound like it just got itself a new bullhorn. It was already loud enough.

You’ll stare at the ceiling and wonder why only 9 people have watched the YouTube video that took you literally all day to film and edit.

At some point you might wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

You’ll wonder if this person or that person has something that you don’t have. Because they make it look so easy. But you never took the time to go back and see their first works — the stuff they created when they felt the same way you’re feeling.

The only difference between them and almost everyone else is that they kept on going. They didn’t quit. Because they just didn’t want it; they wanted it BAD.

They were willing to live in the truth that there’s almost nothing easy about becoming successful. They heard and read the same hater-ass comments, offended the same hypersensitive people, stared at the same ceilings, and pondered the same thoughts of just calling it a day and going back to that “secure” life that makes most people feel safe yet kinda numb and powerless at the same time.

There are no shortcuts on the road to success. You are guaranteed to have your ass handed to you, again and again. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth.

The way you get through it is to understand that there’s a power in you that transcends any obstacle, critic, or financial difficulty that shows up along your path.

Or as today’s QOD speaker, Sean Combs, says on today’s episode, in order to get through the darkness you have to remember the power of YOU.

Source: Sean Combs’ 2014 Howard University Commencement Speech

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