You can turn your life around.

It’s possible.

But first, there’s this one thing you must know.

You have to know that this whole life thing … it’s just a game.

Like any other game, there are rules to follow and strategies to implement, if you want to come out the winner.

There are rules for setting goals; for reprogramming your subconscious mind; for dealing with adversity; for creating a new self image; for attracting more prosperity into your life.

For becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Problem is, no one ever taught you the rules. Because very few people actually know them. To know them requires study, repetition, and application.

If you’re a daily QOD listener, chances are you’re familiar with a portion of life’s rulebook. You may not know the rules by name, but you’re familiar with some of them.

The question is, do you want to accelerate your transformation by making a commitment to yourself, learning the entire rulebook in-depth, and winning the game?

I know the rules. I study them every single day. And if you want to turn your life around faster and alongside an extraordinary group of human beings, I’d love to teach you.

I invite you to join my inner circle, The Rich Lit Society. This month’s featured prosperity literature is The Science of Getting Rich (SOGR) by Wallace D. Wattles, one of the most classic rulebooks ever written.

We begin discussing the first 3 chapters of SOGR live online next Wednesday, September 11th, at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

I’ll break down all of the key points, set you up with an Application Sheet to help you apply what you’ve learned, and facilitate a group discussion to give you an even deeper understanding of this month’s reading.

Can’t make it to the live online discussions? No prob. You’ll have unlimited access to all of the replay video and audio files in your RLS Members Area. Plus, you’ll have access to the archives, including replays for last month’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

Click the link below to get signed up, and I’ll see you in the Facebook group and at next Wednesday’s live discussion.

And, if you want to hear a story of how powerful these rules can be, be sure to check out today’s QOD episode with Og Mandino.

Let’s win the game!

Source: Greatest Secrests of Success Pt 2 | Og Mandino | Dave Blanchard | Personal Growth

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