I was having a really bad day.

Everything that could have gone wrong, did.

Yeah, one of those days.

At some point during this pity party I had a realization …

You know, there was a time when a bad day would lead to a bad week.

Maybe even a bad month.

There used to be this sense of permanence that permeated my down days. For some reason, I felt like they would last forever. Like I’d never be able to snap out of it. As if things would always be this way.

But that kind of catastrophic thinking was of my own doing. It was me who gave my bad days permission to linger. 

Because if there’s one thing to be said about bad days, it’s that they never last.

They always pass.


As Steve Harvey says on today’s episode, the survival rate for every one of our bad days is 100%. #truth #word #facts

Think about that. No matter how bad your bad days have been, you’ve survived every single one of them. They never lasted forever. And they never will.

For me, having an awareness of the impermanence of my bad days has made all the difference.

No, I don’t try to “positive think” my way out of it. That kind of thing is way easier said than done. Sometimes you gotta let a bad day be a bad day. 

I just choose to stay conscious of the fact that nothing lasts forever, even when it might feel that way. I’ll survive. You’ll survive.

Tap the PLAY button above to hear Steve reveal more truth about your bad days, and the best way to “coat your mind” from negativity.

Source: How To Block Negative Thoughts | Motivated

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