It doesn’t matter how thinly you slice the magnet …

It will always have opposing poles.

It will always have its positive and negative sides.

No matter what you do.

Wherever there is up, there will be down.

North, south. Hot, cold. Left, right. Criticism, praise. Happy, sad.

Despite the ubiquitous nature of polarity — the fact that life is crowded with opposing forces — we humans will forever attempt to do the impossible.

We aspire to cut off our negative thoughts; we wish away our problems; we pass judgment on ourselves for feeling “bad” emotions that we can never seem to banish.

And while we’re doing our bests to achieve our perfect, one-sided lives, it doesn’t quite register that … well, the sh*t doesn’t work.

We fail to see the “normality” of the negative; that negativity is simply a part of the human experience. It’s something to learn from, to master, and to embrace as an unseverable half of the wholeness.

Today on the podcast, Jim Rohn talks about embracing the polarity of life. Plus, you’ll learn a few tips for how to put the negative parts of life into perspective while appreciating the positive.

Source: Jim Rohn: The Positive And Negative Parts Of LIFE.

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