Everyone is an influencer.

No, not in a “minimum 10K followers on Instagram” kind of way.

There’s no minimum follower requirement for having an impact on someone else’s life.

Influencing the character and behavior of another should never be contingent upon likes, clicks, and comments.

It’s not one of those things that you should put off until you have the education, the credentials, the income, the whatever.

To “grow your influence” so you can be influential someday is to negate the impact you can have today, from exactly where you are.

Even if you’re a third-grade dropout.

Today on the podcast, Dr. Rick Rigsby shares 4 unforgettable lessons he learned from a man who had almost no formal education and zero social media followers … but a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that continues to influence the lives of others.

This one is SOLID GOLD.

Source: Cal Maritime Commencement Ceremony 2017 , Dr Rick Rigsby

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