It’s been 4 years.

That’s when I decided to move on from the holistic health world so we can do what we’re doing now.

It’s funny, when I first started really studying this personal improvement stuff I was blown away by concepts like subconscious paradigms, visualization, and affirmations.

But that wasn’t enough. I knew there was more to it. So one book led to another book … and then to another. Eventually, the dots started connecting.

What began as a stroll down the self-help aisle has led to a seemingly endless research project on childhood development, repressed emotions, cultural conditioning, offer waves, echo waves, resonant fields, shadow sides, neuroplasticity, and more.

[By the way, I cover all of the above in Money Mind Academy.]

Apparently I’m totally obsessed. Addicted to the ecstasy of connecting the next two dots, with each and every connection not only making me a better teacher, but also providing me with a greater understanding of myself.

In my opinion, the key to improving any aspect of your life is having a healthy obsession with learning. Committing yourself every single day to becoming better than you were yesterday. Connecting the dots. Learning all about you.

Today on the podcast, Eric Thomas wraps up another solid week of QOD clips, as he encourages you to align your goals with your values and become obsessed with improving yourself.

You can find today’s full talk here.

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