The most powerful messages are often the simplest.

Maybe you woke up this morning feeling oh so good, ready to crush the day before making the most of your weekend.

But then, it happened.

The dude in front of you is going 35 in a 45, on a single lane road.

Or maybe you checked your Facebook during breakfast and found a comment under last night’s post, from that one friend who only comments when she disagrees with something. Otherwise, not a peep.

Or maybe the drive-thru barista sends you off with cow’s milk in your latte when you asked for coconut.

On any given day, there’s always a 100% chance of rain. Countless occasions for someone or something to pour down all over you.

Fortunately, there are just as many opportunities for you to open your umbrella and choose to stay dry.

No, it’s not easy. Twenty minutes ago, I was stuck behind a garbage truck, consciously trading my irked impatience for thoughts and feelings of gratitude for having a service that picks up our trash once a week.

Caught a few sprinkles, but stayed dry for the most part. On to the next one. Umbrella in my back pocket. Ready to choose.

Today on the podcast, Og Mandino is back to share a quick, simple message about what you can do to keep anything and anyone from raining on your parade.

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