Everybody’s a psychic.

Okay, not everybody. But we all have our fair share of friends, family, and supposed experts who tend to go full-blown Nostradamus when it comes to our dreams.

They seem to have this uncanny ability to foresee what you can and can’t create, why it won’t work out, all the things you should do and all the things you shouldn’t.

It’s these kinds of unsolicited prophecies that stall your ambitions, until you choose to dream a little smaller in order to secure their all-knowing approval.

F*ck that.

If these folks were such gifted fortune tellers, they’d make their livings telling fortunes. The only person who can ever prove them right is you.

You are the only one with the ability to foresee anything that pertains to your life. Right there on the screen of your mind, until your own personal prophecy — the only one that matters — comes true.

Today on the podcast, Sean Stephenson, a man who stands three feet tall, gets around in a wheelchair, and broke most of his bones on the day he was born, gives you some of the best advice you’ll ever get: Never believe a prediction that doesn’t empower you.

SIDEBAR: Speaking of predictions. A couple years ago, one of our QOD speakers predicted that the podcast would be short-lived because I’d eventually run out of clips to share. Uh, no. Last week, over 600 episodes later, we reached 10 MILLION downloads. Woot! Thanks so much for listening. The QOD team and I appreciate your support!

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