It’s probably the most self-defeating expectation anyone can ever have.

The expectation that one day we’ll wake up and all of the fear we’ve ever felt will have somehow disappeared. Vanished into thin air so we can finally get on with our lives. Do the things we’ve actually wanted to do. Be seen and heard without concern.

The honest truth is, that day’s not coming.

If you’ve been waiting for it … hoping that maybe it’ll happen on Monday … STOP.

Seriously, stop now.

Because it’s not about the fear picking up and deciding to move on from your brain and body, someday. It’s about changing your relationship with it.

It’s about understanding why it’s there, acknowledging that it’s never completely going away, and appreciating the ways in which it actually serves you.

Today on the podcast, Lisa Jimenez shows you how it’s not fear that’s holding you back. Rather it’s your beliefs about fear that are blocking your breakthrough. 

You can find today’s full talk here.

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