I like watching the news.

Yeah, I admit it.

No, not in an addicted to doom and gloom kind of way. Because that stuff can kill ya.

I prefer to think of my news viewing habits as … well, research.

My favorite part is the panel discussions — when two or more people with completely opposing belief systems get together to interrupt and talk over each other.

How about a non-political example that won’t trigger anyone …

Person A says she loves dogs more than anything in this world.

And that’s when person B jumps in and says, “So you’re saying that cats aren’t lovable, and if you had to choose between helping a dog or a person, you’d help the dog and let the human being suffer?”

Person A: That’s not what I said.

Person B: No, that’s exactly what you …

Person A: I did not.

Person B: Do NOT interrupt me!

And away we go.

How is it possible that our personal interactions can go so off the rails so quickly?

The answer is prisms.

Our prisms are the filters through which we perceive the world.

Everything we hear and see passes through our prisms and registers in our brains in a way that confirms what we believe.

If the surface of your prism is stamped with struggle, you’ll make everything more difficult than it really is.

If it’s layered with happiness and contentment, you’ll see a million opportunities to be happy and content.

If it’s filled with failure or success, you’ll unconsciously construct the reality that fits your model of the world.

That’s the power of the prism.

Our belief prisms can make us hear things that were never said, see things we never saw, and completely distort how we experience our lives.

I know, I’ve said this a million times. But when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

When you change what you believe in — trading in lack for abundance, fear for faith, struggle for poise — life has a way of showing up differently.

If you want a better view, upgrade your lenses first. Change your prism.

Today on the podcast, Darren Hardy dives even deeper into this topic. It’s a MUST LISTEN. Enjoy!

You can find today’s full talk here.


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