They did it.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting here in the coffee shop and watching a few dozen videos on YouTube.

The people sitting near me must have figured I was watching a comedy. I laughed out loud. Clapped my hands. Even pumped my fist a time or two.


Because I was witnessing this thing called COURAGE.

Many of our B-School video scholarship contestants were taking their first steps. The step that maybe 97% of the world’s population never takes. The one that takes them so far outside of their comfort zones that they don’t know what to do with themselves.

It takes courage to set up the camera, press the record button, and … talk. It takes even more courage to click the upload button. And a little more courage to share it.

But in the end I can assure you that each of this year’s contestants came out the other side of this uncomfortable experience as different people.

A little bit braver. A little more daring. Proud of themselves for doing what almost no one ever does. For not allowing their assumptions to stop them.

They could have assumed that hundreds of people were entering the contest. (Nope, just 30 or so.) That they had no chance in hell to win. That they could never start their own businesses. On and on.

But they didn’t. They silenced the inner assumer and did it anyway.

And while there can only be one winner, they all won. Because they took the step that very few are willing to take. And they didn’t die.

Today on the podcast, our pal Les Brown discusses the assumptions that kept him on the sidelines for 14 entire years. Imagine if Les never took his first step. Plus, I announce our B-School Scholarship Video Contest winner. In fact, I let our winner close today’s show. Enjoy!

You can find today’s full clip here.

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