Here’s a list of names for ya …

Jeff Bezos
Bill Gates
Warren Buffett
Mark Zuckerberg
Larry Ellison
Larry Page
Charles Koch
David Koch

Sergey Brin

Michael Bloomberg

They’re currently the 10 richest Americans, with a collective wealth of over 700 billion dollars.

There are a lot of people who view this kind of wealth as absurd and rather sickening. There are even politicians going around advocating for a ban on billionaires.

But, politics aside, there’s a reason why these guys are so wealthy.

We can complain all we want. We can call them greedy. But the truth is, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single person who hasn’t used one of these guys’ products or services in the last 5 minutes.

In fact, if your device is running on Windows, or if you’ve checked your Facebook or Instagram feed today, or if you’re using cloud-based technology, or if your preferred search engine is Google, or if you’ve placed a recent order on Amazon, or if you have American Express card, bank with Bank of America, or prefer to fly Southwest … you had a hand in making these dudes richer.

And get this …

There are a couple of brothers that a lot of people absolutely DESPISE for their political influence — The Koch Brothers.

Well, if you happened to use the bathroom at some point today, there’s a really good chance they’re using YOUR MONEY to wield all of that influence in Washington. (You’ll find out how on today’s episode.)

The bottom line is this: If we’re going to complain about someone’s immense wealth, we might want to stop using their sh*t literally every hour of every day.

But we can’t. 

Because not many of us can even roll out of bed in the morning without dropping a few more nickels into their absurd, sickening billionaire pockets. 

We can vilify them all we want, but we can’t escape the immense value they offer. Even if we tried.

And that’s why they’re rich.

As today’s QOD speaker, Garrett Gunderson, says, exchange creates wealth. When someday hundreds of millions of people are using YOUR product or service, every single hour of every single day, you’ll have a hard time not becoming a billionaire yourself.

Ironically, most of your satisfied customers will hate you for it.


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