Something’s been coming up lately.

As I’ve encouraged my Money Mind Academy students to explore their limiting beliefs, one that keeps turning up is this:

“I can’t earn a living doing what I love to do.”

A few students have indicated that they don’t know anyone who does what they love while earning an abundant income doing it.

They feel like it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m like … “Ahem. Uh. Hey. Me. Over here!”

I mean, I literally get paid to teach an online class once a week and share clips from other people’s motivational talks.

And I love every bit of it.

But does it actually make any money?

It does.

Let’s take last month for instance. I brought in just under $70,000 in total revenue. With zero employees. Just 2 contractors — a part-time virtual assistant and a podcast editor.

This month I’ll generate somewhere around $35,000 through affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products) and podcast sponsorships.

Then in late March, when Money Mind Academy enrollment re-opens, I’ll do at least another $100K with almost no overhead.

But let’s get back to those podcast sponsorships …

Whenever you hear me plug a product on The Quote of The Day Show … get this … I collect at least $300 for writing and reading two entire paragraphs. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made in my life.

Yeah, I could totally scale this thing up, build a bigger team, and, as they say, “10X the business.” But honestly, I like my life.

I do cardio, yoga, and/or hike daily. Sometimes twice. Meditate for 40 minutes a day. Spend at least 3 hours reading books I want to read.

I do most of my work from bed. (Because why not?)

Zero credit card debt.

Bills and mortgage are on auto-pay.

Life is good.


I won’t bullsh*t you and tell you how easy it is to build an online business.

It’s not.

Building an online community, creating consistent content, and developing high-quality courses and programs is HARD WORK.

And that’s the distinction I made to my Money Mind students this week, and I’ll convey the same to you today:

Earning a living doing what you love is not impossible. It’s DIFFICULT.

You see, whenever you tell yourself that something is impossible, you’re telling your brain that there’s no point in trying. So you end up feeling stuck.

But when you acknowledge that doing what you love actually is possible and that it’ll be difficult, you leave room for movement. You give your brain the sense of possibility it needs so it can work behind the scenes to figure out how to make this thing happen for you.

Instead of feeling stuck, you have the option to accept the challenge and move forward. Little by little.

I’ve been at this online thing for a decade now. In hindsight, it took me about 3 years to start making significant income. It doesn’t happen overnight.

But I’ll tell you this:

I’d rather have spent those years working my tail off, struggling with the uncertainty and difficulty of it all, and sharing my gifts with people just like you, than show up every day at a job that I have zero passion for.

The payoff for short-term discomfort is often long-term freedom. Freedom to do and have the things you want for you and your family.

The question is, are you willing?

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Super excited for you to take the first steps to building the business and life you’ve always wanted. You can do it. Believe me, it’s possible. Difficult, but definitely possible.

Enjoy today’s show!


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