Who are you?

Chances are, you’ve never learned about the wonderful being you are.

Maybe you’ve forgotten.

Or maybe you’ve projected your powers and potentials onto others “out there” — religious figures, celebrities, and those considered more fortunate — without realizing that everything they have is also within you.

Inside of you is a spiritual presence that longs to transcend all constraints and limitations. It’s the creative urge within that pushes and prods you to become more of who you really are.

However, the tendency is to push back on our spiritual makeup and ask ourselves who we think we are for even considering such lofty aspirations.

Who am I to do what I love?

Who am I to become financially prosperous?

Who am I to write the book?

If you ask yourself these kinds of questions, today’s QOD episode is for you, as our pal Bob Proctor reveals EXACTLY who you are.

Today’s clip is from Bob’s recent live event, The Art of Goal Creation. You can find Bob’s books and audio programs at QODBooks.com.

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