I’m not sure where I first read it.

I just know that it resonated with the very core of my being. Love at first sight.

It may have been sometime around the seventh grade when I stumbled upon the mantra of Harvard psychologist turned counterculture icon, Timothy Leary:

“Question authority and think for yourself.”


While Dr. Leary’s words might have been the source of countless teenage rebellions, for me they were the fountainhead for taking back custody of my own mind. To begin sorting out what made sense and what did not.

As I’ve written numerous times before, many of the beliefs we learned from our various childhood authorities — the beliefs that can subconsciously govern the ways in which we think, feel, and behave as adults — make absolutely zero sense when we stop and objectively reflect on them.

I can get all scientific on you, breaking down how the fear center in your brain generated an entire worldview built upon associations learned during the first 3 years of life, but I’ll save it for our upcoming Money Goals masterclass. (January 3rd at 5pm PT)

Stay tuned.

The point is, if you want to change the results you’re currently creating in your life, you must examine and QUESTION the beliefs that underlie them.

Because to change a result without editing the beliefs — especially the beliefs you have about yourself — will always be an exercise in futility.

Which, by the way, is exactly why only 8% of New Years resolutions will be accomplished by this time next year. And 80% will fail before the second week of February.

Keep the beliefs, keep the results.

But when you question the beliefs and change them, you can change your entire life.

On today’s Finance Friday episode of the podcast, Joe Vitale discusses the connection between our beliefs and our reality, and how examining your beliefs can help you earn more money and reach your 2019 financial goals.

You can find today’s full clip here.

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