This takes courage.

It shouldn’t … but it does.

When you take a moment to step back and think about it, it’s pretty unfortunate — that admitting to what you really want can be such a bold, daring act.

But it is. So we keep our dreams and desires concealed. We bottle them up inside and wonder where all of these frustrated, anxious emotions are coming from.

We feel those inner yearnings to do something BIG with our lives. Then we project our greatness and creative potential onto others who have already succeeded. Because they must be different. They must have something that we don’t have. But they don’t. We’re all the same.

It’s just that some of us choose to admit to our dreams and act on them, while most of us don’t.

The reasons are many. Maybe we’re afraid of disappointing our parents by going our own way. Or that ever-present fear of failure (and many times, success) is holding us back.

But the spirit within all of us — that hidden power urging us to rise and go beyond all limits — never supplies a desire that we don’t have the potential to achieve. Ever.

The first step to creating your dream life is to admit that you have it.

With no apologies.

Because, despite all of our attempts to deny it, or some authority figure’s best attempts to punish it out of us, to be human is to have desires and aspirations. Small ones and big ones.

And to want more for ourselves doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with us — something to feel guilty or shameful about.

It means that everything is all right.

Today on the podcast, our pal Mel Robbins encourages you to own what you really want, even when it can feel challenging to admit it.

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