Two people take the exact same classes.

Let’s say — since I have some experience with this — they both want to be certified health coaches.

Their goal is to work from home, consulting 100% online, and to earn passive income through courses and membership programs.

They finish their classes, set up their websites and social media feeds, create their frameworks and systems, and away they go. 

Open for business. Sky’s the limit.

But if we fast-forward a few years, we’ll almost certainly find this: one of our health coaches has a mile-long client wait list and a million-dollar business, while the other is either barely getting by or has long since given up.

Both business owners did all the things that business owners are supposed to do. They got their websites up and running, posted to Instagram, ran Facebook ads, and scheduled prospective clients for their initial consultations. 

Yet their results were like night and day.

So, what happened?

Well, while both did certain things to make their businesses go, the one with the successful business did these certain things in a certain way.

For example …

One coach had a clear, precise mental image of the exact number of clients she wanted to work with at a given time, while the other merely wanted to get more clients.

While one of our coaches was ever consumed with getting clients, the other focused on giving as much as she could by creating free online content that helped people get results in advance of working with her.

Though both wanted to create successful businesses, only one of them actually believed that she could. She had unwavering faith that not only could she do it, but in her mind it was already done. In fact, she was grateful for her clients and customers before she ever had any.

While one perceived a little hard work as a threat to her health, the other was so inspired by her vision and mission that her work lifted her vibration and made her feel like the healthiest version of herself. Her magnetic energy is exactly why everyone wanted a spot on her schedule.

And while one focused on the success of other “competing” businesses in her space, feeling as if there were no room for hers to succeed, the other knew that in this abundant world there is always more than enough to go around. More than enough people still in need of her help.

Two businesses. Two ways of being and doing. Two completely different results. What set them apart was something more than strategy and tactics, but intention and attitude. 

They did certain things — what everyone says they should do. But one did those things in a certain way, while the other didn’t. And that’s not just how business works, it’s how the universe works.

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