Everything is figure-out-able.

It’s one of my favorite catchphrases. Stolen from our pal, Marie Forleo, of course.

No matter what it is, and how little you know about it, anything can be learned. It may take some time, focus, and persistent effort, but it’s ALL figure-out-able.

Even how to trade stocks.

I mean, imagine knowing how to make and manage your own investments, with confidence, right from your smart phone or laptop.

Sure, the terms and jargon may feel intimidating at first. But as Sarah Potter — working mom and founder of SheCanTrade — says on our Finance Friday episode …

“You don’t have to know all of the words to know how to make money.”

By cracking open a few books or taking an online course, the average person can learn how to secure a new level of financial independence; how to ask better questions during those always-confusing financial planning meetings; how to make money in the market.

All of it, totally figure-out-able. Tap the play button above to hear Sarah’s story!

You can watch today’s full talk here.

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