I used to be a health coach.

I worked with clients from all over the globe, with all kinds of symptoms and conditions.

Some got better … and some didn’t. That’s kinda how it works.

But looking back, there was one common denominator among those who managed to heal.

They truly believed that they would heal.

Sometimes I wonder if the diet and supplement protocol had as much to do with it as I once thought. Or was it their belief in the protocol that set the body’s healing powers into action?

I mean, we’ve all heard of those placebo studies. Belief in a sugar pill has been shown to have a positive effect on conditions like depression, insomnia, IBS, menopause, asthma, on and on.

I wonder if my clients just needed something and someone to believe in.

Maybe. Maybe not. But after learning about some of the compelling research in the world of quantum physics, I find myself leaning toward the former.

Don’t get me wrong, we should all eat a nutritious diet and take the appropriate supplements. Human biology is still human biology. But a piece of the health puzzle that is, in my opinion, wholly understated is the healing power of belief.

As Gregg Braden explains on today’s QOD episode, the power to change our bodies and to change our world is based on our belief in what’s real and what’s possible. The question is, why do we believe what we believe? Where did these beliefs come from, and are they really true? This one is pretty incredible!

You can find Gregg’s books, including the best-selling book, The Divine Matrix, at QODbooks.com.

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