If I were to ask you who’s the person you talk to the most, what would you say?

Your significant other might be is the first to come to mind. Or maybe it’s your best friend. Or one of your co-workers.

But the truth is, the person you talk to the most is … yourself.

Yeah, you.

Nonstop — morning, noon, and night — an unremitting monologue tweets your very best and very worst thoughts, ideas, and opinions. About the world. About yourself.

Science says that you’ll have as many as 65,000 thoughts TODAY, and that 95% of them will be the same ones you had yesterday and the day before and the day before and …

As you know, habits are the end products of repetition. And it is your habits that create your results in all areas of life.

So what have you been repeating to yourself?

Does your internal dialogue have a limited vocabulary, restricted to words like can’t and shouldn’t?

Or do your words reflect the limitless truth about yourself?

If there’s one thing you should know about your brain, it’s that it’s gullible AF; it will believe whatever you tell it.

If it’ll believe the verbally abusive lies you’ve been telling yourself, it is equally inclined to buy the truth.

Yeah, the truth may feel like one ginormous lie at first. But, like they say, even the biggest lie told often enough eventually becomes belief. If it works with I can’t and I shouldn’t, it’ll work just as reliably with I can and I will.

As Marisa Peer says on today’s episode, sometimes you have to “lie, cheat, and steal” your way to success. You have to use your words to tell your brain what you want and who you really are. Even when they feel like fiction at first.

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