Funny story for ya.

A couple Fridays ago I wrote you my thoughts on the lottery and how our collective mindset about money has a way of conveniently shifting itself when we can win $1.6 billion with no effort at all.

Well, consider this the tragically comedic sequel.

The $1.6B jackpot I previously wrote about happened in 2016. And, as I’m sure you heard, the big uno-point-six came back around this week.

And I tell ya, the strangest thing happened this Monday night …

I was relaxing in my hot tub when all of a sudden I was overcome by a deep-felt intuition. A little whisper within was telling me to walk down the street and buy a Quick Pick.

It was weird, because I’ve never played the lottery in my whole entire life. I honestly find the whole thing kinda silly. But I couldn’t shake this urge to buy a ticket.

A couple days passed and the intuition stuck with me. At the same time, I was dealing with a nasty bout of lower back pain and could barely get out of bed. Needless to say, playing the lottery wasn’t high on my list of priorities. So I never quite made it to the neighborhood gas station to get my ticket. Oh well.

Anyway, fast forward to Wednesday morning. I hit the gym at 5am for a slow, ginger walk on the treadmill. I looked up at the television and noticed a familiar place on the local news.

Turns out, a ticket with 5 of the 6 winning numbers was purchased at a Chevron … in the Del Cerro area … in the city of San Diego. Yup, the neighborhood Chevron down the street. Right there on the corner. The one that a little whisper told me to walk my butt down to just 2 nights before.

THAT Chevron.

As you can imagine, the drive home from the gym was almost as excruciating as my back pain, as I passed at least a half dozen news trucks.


I mean, what are the bleeping odds?

Who knows if the ticket — worth $562,472, by the way — would have been MY ticket. I’ve made a conscious choice to not dwell on it, because I’ll never know.

But, what’s even more valuable than the half-million dollar prize is the lesson learned:


I’ve always been a strong advocate for the power of intuition. If you ask me how I’ve built successful businesses, I’ll start running my mouth about the importance of listening to that inner voice. Following your gut.

The one time I didn’t follow it may have cost me. BIG TIME. Or maybe not. Again, it’s the lesson that counts. Everything happens for a reason. In my heart I know that even more abundance is on its way.

Speaking of big money, on today’s Finance Friday episode of The QOD Show, Bob Proctor shares a controversial quote from the legendary Wallace D. Wattle, author of The Science of Getting Rich, that always has a way of creating an interesting discussion about the “need” for money.

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