It’s always been a dream of mine.

To be old and gray, retired from the internet, the proud owner of my very own used bookstore.

But this won’t be your typical bookstore. No works of fiction will be set upon these shelves. Personal growth only — metaphysics, spirituality, self-help, psychology.

And we’ll serve dark chocolate and Boochcraft too.

Books & Booch. Opening Summer 2048.

But why wait until then? A few weeks ago, Amazon sent me an invitation to open up my own “influencer” store. I accepted, of course.

Because the question I’m probably asked the most often is which books I recommend.

My answer is usually … “well, it depends.”

I mean, if you’re brand new to the game I’d recommend classics like Think and Grow Rich or Psycho-Cybernetics. But if you’ve been studying for a while, I’d put you onto some uber-nerdy books on quantum physics and neuroscience.

So when I set up my store I made it a point to categorize the inventory by “levels.”

Level 1 is what I call the Essential 7. These books will give you the foundation for greater understanding. Read these first before moving up the ladder.

Level 2 is your next layer. If you read these first, you’ll be lost. You’ll be like, “what the heck is all of this talk about infinite intelligence and coherence!?” Been there. Essentials first, my friend.

Level 3 is the rabbit hole. This is where you’ll explore the inner workings of the universe — electromagnetic fields, quarks, non-locality, oscillation, and other weird stuff that’ll have you changing the way you look at things.

Plus, you’ll find books and audio programs by your favorite QOD speakers.

No dark chocolate or high-alcohol kombucha. You’ll have to wait another 30 years for that. But for now, you can visit my online store below.

Speaking of books, today on the podcast Jim Rohn talks about the importance of building your own personal library, including a few recommendations from Jim himself.

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