It’s gotta be tough being a kid these days.

I’m always telling my friends how lucky we were to grow up without social media. Without having to make it seem like our lives were perfect. Without the unremitting angst of having our personal business go viral in an instant. The pressure and anxiety have to be OFF THE CHARTS.

And when they aren’t bending over backwards to excel socially, many of our children are under comparable duress at home.

Whether it’s passing the kindergarten entrance assessment, or making the team, or getting into the right school, our young people can be so pressed to look ahead to whatever is next on THE PLAN that they (and their parents) lose sight of the here and now.

As Wayne Dyer discusses on today’s QOD episode, there can be consequences for this.

Don’t get me wrong, preparing for the next steps of life is important. But we can’t forget to let kids be kids.

Today’s clip comes from Wayne’s audio program What Do You Really Want for Your Children? available from Audible.

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