Ain’t it funny?

I remember a couple years ago — January 2016, to be exact — when the Powerball jackpot was a whopping $1.6 billion.

All over the country, people were standing in long lines wrapped around the block for their chance at becoming a billionaire.

I sat that one out. Instead, I stayed home and watched the news coverage with a sideways smirk on my face.

Because the hypocrisy was thicker than a vat of Crisco.

I couldn’t help but think, aren’t these the very same folks who can’t stand rich people; who talk about how “evil” money is; who say money isn’t all that important?

Yeah … that’s definitely them.

Oh, so you’re telling me that all of that was just “talk.” That now it’s okay to confess on live television about all of the material things that you’ve always wanted but before now would never admit to. Riiiiiiight.

But seriously, all of sudden, for one week in 2016, being a billionaire was all the rage. Everyone just seemed to drop their limiting money beliefs and started to actually LIKE money and the things it could do for them and their families.

It was absolutely bleeping amazing, I tell ya.

And what it revealed is the number one secret about a negative money mindset. Which is the fact that the overwhelming majority of limiting money beliefs are so absurd, so logically paper-thin, that the real reason we hold onto them is that we’re deathly afraid of doing what it takes to become financially successful.

We fear the work. We fear the absolute certain prospects of disappointments, setbacks, and ego-crushing failures. We fear the responsibility of leading a team, of making tough decisions. The judgment. The criticism. The vulnerability.

So rather than boldly claim and commit to our abundance, we tell stories of good versus evil.

Well … until we can stand in line during our lunch hour and maybe win a billion dollars, without all of the effort and vulnerability involved. Then all of that evil-talk goes right out of the window and you’re telling the dude from Channel 5 about the Bentley you’ve had your eye on.

I wish we could just keep it real. Apparently, we’re all pretty darn fond of money. And when you think about it, it’s kinda silly to hide our money fondness when, by the looks of those Powerball lines, just about everyone else is equally and secretly smitten.

With that said, on today’s Finance Friday episode of the podcast, Reverend Ike is back to lead you out of the desert of money hypocrisy with the first of his 10 Commandments of Money. Enjoy.

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