You know what I’m doing tonight?

Poppin’ bottles of Boochcraft and doing The Dougie.

What’s the occasion, you ask?

Well, it’s actually a double celebration …

Because not only was yesterday the 2-year anniversary of The Quote of The Day Show, but today’s episode is #500.


I remember the days when I wondered how I’d find enough content to keep this show going. I figured I’d get about a hundred episodes in and move on.

But here we are, at our 500th episode, with 7,265,065 listens and counting. Unbelievable.

Thank YOU so much for tuning in every morning. It’s been a real pleasure being part of your day.

For today’s milestone episode I figured I’d get nostalgic and turn the clock back to October 10th, 2015, when our very first speaker, Bob Proctor, took the stage.

It’s one of my favorite clips ever. Enjoy!

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